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bullet Eryxx
03 Nov : 12:33
bullet Ktan
13 Aug : 00:08
I want to play more TR!!! I want my little purple thing flying around me and shooting my shotgun at bane!
bullet Eryxx
06 Jul : 18:04
Is there still any activity on resurrecting TabRasa? I still miss this friggin' game, all these years later.
bullet Vannu
25 Feb : 12:31
Trying to host my own test server with no prior knowledge, i have all the files i need i believe, anyone know how with myslq?
bullet Ktan
21 May : 17:10
DAMN I want more TR Action still, watching videos and stuff here and on youtube!

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Charitable Search
GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!
Our time is gone? TR is over? Maybe not!  So, here is a fond memory......

Save Earth, Save Our World!Save Tabula Rasa!
Thank Voorhes for his assistance at my request to convert this NCSoft Tabula Rasa Trailer into Flash media for purposes of this Constitutionally protected news, information, and inspirational incentive use on the front page of these forums.*Conspicuous Copyright and Protected Use Notice: The above video is copyright per its respective holders as represented by their logos contained therein, namely NCSoft and Destination Games, and, is displayed here for it's inspirational, newsworthy, informational, and in total, educational purpose to the community-at-large, including but not limited to, Tabula Rasa players using these forums to design and implement a way to save Tabula Rasa, and for no other purpose(s) whatsoever.

GOT THE FULL FORUM UP AGAIN!  My apologies it took so long, I am not an SQL programmer and networking permisisons and all that, are foreign to me.  Feel free to use the forums for Tabula Rasa related info, etc.  Thank you
If Anyone Still Comes Here....
I found a little something about the closing of Paragon Studios and City of Heroes that is newsworthy.

Please make sure to look at the comment of Turjan, as he mentions Tabula Rasa as well.

If someone has the capacity to do the coding, believe me there is a legal way to go about an emulator and I'd be glad to discuss it.

Remember, we wrote a proposal that allowed NCSoft to make money on Tabula Rasa, that would use the player community to market the game, where the first 500 players would be owners of a game marketing company that owned 50% of Tabula Rasa, thereby we'd have a vested interest in succeeding, and NCSoft could get a return on the money they put in to developing Tabula Rasa.

Remember that this proposal took 25% of the profits of the game and put them into charitable causes, the first one that I put in the proposal to get it done as fast as we could, was to help end the genocide in Darfur. The goal was to pay local, governments not to get involved, hoping that over time this would give those being annihilated (much like the bane trying to annihilate free sentient beings) a chance to some stability and to gain a voice in their country.

Remember that this charity was the recipient for these amounts for the first 1 million players, then they would vote and choose the next charity for the next million, etc.

Yes, I copyrighted the proposal, because the idea that gaming could contribute to society in a good way, while also becoming a tax write-off seemed to be something lacking in the myriad of teenagers whose parents saw their gaming as entirely meaningless, and a world that views it all as "entertainment."

The companies who make games see us as numbers to make a profit off of, and that's all. It's time we helped them gain a conscience, at least that is why I pursued a proposal and not a petition. Petitions are by people in oppressive governments, where a few at the top are claiming authority over all that exists in their realm, to preserve it for the many, and end up a government of corruption, of favors and patronage -- Honor and treating the responsibility they took on as absolutely paramount becoming the footstool for their power and influence. A gaming company isn't this, but they aren't far behind this type of treachery committed on humanity. They do not understand that computer games aren't a shovel, aren't an automobile, aren't untilitarian items with a confined psychological effect. No, computer games involve a virtual world, involve a virtual life in that virtual world to which we become immersed, and we work very hard to learn the rules of these worlds, occupying our minds, our memories, and this is without mentioning the social element of interfacing with other gamers in these virtual worlds that takes them to being virtual realities.

Thus, as their perspective is business, a business proposal, negotiated without any preconditions, and rejected without any disclaimers, is the means to jump over the legal hurdles they've put in front of us. A proposal recognizes their interest, recognizes their ownership, and is negotiating the equity and interest involved, it is placing an opportunity before them, making an effort to strike a bargain, and must be done in good faith, with clean hands as part of the customs and usage of contract since the first time anything was bartered, and of course this applies to the rejection of a proposal as well.

Ponder fellow AFS, and should one, or a group, of you with the coding talent and problem solving abilities be interested in playing TR once more, please let me know.

Private McG
Posted by McGillicutti on Tuesday 04 September 2012 - 17:23:28 | Read/Post Comment: 1
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